Trakt not marking shows as watched

Good day,
I need help for the past week I noticed that Trakt no longer marking my shows or movies as watched when I just finished watching it on Kodi
I’ve made sure to update all my apps, and active device, but the issue still persist.
The only way for me to mark an episode or movie as watched is to manually press to options Mark it as watched.
Will I have to manually to this each time I’m done watching an tv shows or movies?

Need help, please

Have you tried revoking and reauthorizing permissions to the app? Each app, add-on or media center that you’ve given permission is listed here and you can revoke permission as needed. This is different than any revoking or re-authorizing options offered in add-ons. This is a great first option when troubleshooting - revoking authorization and re-authorizing fixes most sync issues.

Thank you for replying, I’ve follow your instruction and I notice that certain apps which I no longer used were still listed as autorized, so I’ve devised to do some clean up. It look like the matter is back to normal now. I was able to wach a movie and Trakt listed that movie as watched.
Again thanks for your help