Trakt own database not using external database

Make a New database with More tolarating moderators allowing shows / Movies to be added.
I would volunteer to be a moderators if needed, just dont have the tech knowledge to program for API

Sorry if this has been suggested earlier. Couldnt find the topic

We’ve thought about this, but we have no plans to create our own metadata service. It would be a ton of effort to recreate what TMDB already has and we’d rather help TMDB improve for the benefit of Trakt and all other apps that use them.


Personally I have had situations where some shows were not on tmdb and I just created an account there, created the show and synced it.

Worked great in my opinion


Not Good solution. When they block users all the time for no reason what so ever

If you keep getting blocked maybe the problem is with you and not them :thinking:


Said before saying again moderators are idiots and morons.
And the problem is definitiv not me.

Ok, this topic is now closed. The forums are not a place to regularly complain about TMDB.