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Hi, I seem to be confused with Up Next and Progress and how to get them to show what I want.

Currently, the only shows I’m watching are Andor and The Mosquito Coast.

I want to see these as the top 2 items in Up Next.

They do appear as desired in the progress section, although they also both show that the unaired shows are 100% watched, which is not correct.

I think I’m also confused that the time-based options for what’s next and my current progress are about occurences in the past. I’m concerned with upcoming. If Show A airs tomorrow and show Z airs in 2 days, how do I see those regardless of when the last episode aired?

Also, it shows Barry s1e1 in my Up Next, but I’ve already watched that. How do I stop that from showing up like it is, but without hiding the entire series, as I want it to show s4e1 once that’s coming.

Thank you

I see 23 shows in your progress that are < 100% watched, so those would all appear in the Up Next section. If you’re not watching some of those shows, they can be hidden from the progress by clicking the ø icon (website or app progress page) or long pressing in the up next on the app home tab.

The 100% in your screenshot appears correct to me. The next episode hasn’t aired yet, so it will stay at 100% until the next episode has aired.

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thanks for the response.

To confirm, are you saying there’s no sort order that will prioritize shows that are either active or currently airing?

Also, if I hide a show, what happens when a new season starts? Will it remain hidden?

In settings, you can sort your progress, and also your up next, by recently aired. That way the series that aired today will show up first.

And if you hide a whole show, when a new season starts you won’t see it. If you hide a season from your progress page I expect you do see.

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