"Up Next" filtered by favorites

For VIP customers there is the option “Only Use Favorites” → Only display :arrow_forward: icons if streaming on your favorite services.

It would be awesome if there is also a option, where the “Up Next” is filtered by favorites streaming providers in your country.

Without this filtering, the “Up Next” gets really messy with shows i can’t really watch right now, because they are not available on my streaming providers and or country.


I understand your frustration. While there isn’t currently a filter by favorite streaming services in “Up Next,” hopefully a future update will include this!

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There is a new website setting to do this now.

Awesome. For the website it seems to work fine.
Does the iOS app use another list? If yes, can it also be filtered there?

And additionally it would be awesome if you could add the option to filter the upcoming schedule and calendar by favourite streaming services as a default option. Same reasoning as UpNext, because mostly i can’t watch that stuff only if available on my favorite strreaming providers.

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