Up next - Show only when there're available services in the set country


my biggest problem currently is that my “up next” list is packed with shows I am not able to watch becouse they are not available in my country yet. Sure I could use VPN but some streaming serviceses are also detecting and blocking these.

So I would like to request the following feature:
Make it possible to only show episodes in “up next” when there are available streaming services in the selected country (-> settings).

Should be doable, as JustWatch already provides those infos and trakt.tv already implemented those to the shows page.

Yes, I would love this feature. It would be great to. only see shows as I’m able to watch then.

This is a cool idea. For now, you can view your full progress page then filter for your favorite streaming services. Just want to confirm this returns the show’s you’d expect?

Oh yes actually that worked :slight_smile:

So this is a nice workaround. But may the filter could be automaticly set to some defined default settings, so its not required to choose all the streaming services every time.
Also the workaound does only work for the progress page. The dashboard would still show those unavailable shows…

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