Watch history not matching show episodes

It appears that starting Feb 14 (only date reference I have), shows that are scrobbled from Plex or synced from Netflix show up in my watch history, but do not actually show as being played in the show’s season/episode. Movies scrobbled from Plex don’t have this issue (not sure about Netflix as I haven’t watched any movies since Feb 14).

Can you send some specific shows and episodes? Does it reflect on your progress page correctly?

Specifically, it is For All Mankind season 1 episodes 1-4 (from Plex) and Love on the Spectrum US season 2 episodes 1-7 (from Netflix). And no, it does not reflect on my progress page correctly.

Edit: Not sure if you had anything to do with it, but now it looks like everything is synced up as it should be.

We had to reset a cache server early this morning, which might have fixed it for you. If the data is on your history page, we have it, it could just be a matter of your cached data being incorrect. It generally fixes itself when another play is added, or enough time has elapsed so it re-caches. We’re still doing optimizations and stress tests to make it work more reliably.

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