Welcome back

Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work over the past week in getting Trakt back up and running again. I can only image the stress and work that has gone into the recovery and your commitment is well and truly appreciated, it is so good to be back online again. I am happy to donate an increase in yearly VIP subscriptions to cover any extra costs incurred.


Here here! Being a dev myself I feel for the devs here and sympathize completely. Having ones stuff break and having to go all hands on deck to bring it back is never fun. Thanks for all the hard work!

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Thank you, we appreciate you all.


Did you get some sleep? Your well-being is more important.

Thank you for the work. A database crash always sucks.


I wanted to post new topic about 2 months free VIP. Don’t think that $30 for year is so much that I need compensation for service which I don’t need for living. I use trakt for few year without VIP - read “for free” so I don’t see why I should accept 2 more months for free because of few days problems. I’m using mainly kodi and D+. Kodi keeps watched history, so when API will be up, it just sync. And that few episodes of SW - Andor and SW Clone Wars on D+ … this is done in minute manually.

So, is there way to not accept this free VIP?

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Wanted to add my voice to the chorus - been using Trakt free for years, but after the database crash I joined VIP to help support the service and provide additional funding so hopefully you have the resources you need to avoid future problems. I want to be part of the solution, especially after benefitting from Trakt for so long without contributing. Thanks for everything you do here.

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