Why don't Replies show when All Comments is selected?

I would assume that All Comments would mean all comments, not all comments except for the ones that are replies to other comments.

Is there a reason for this omission? I understand why comments are separated based on length and context in the first place, but not why Replies alone can’t be seen when you say you want to see everything.

Oh I like the way it is now! You can see if there’s replies and if you’re really curious you can click to show them?

If it has to be changed. At least keep the default as is and add an expand all/and ehh not expand all button on top or something.

It would lose context if all replies were included. It would need to have the original comment above each reply, and you also wouldn’t know the order of replies for them to make sense.


I don’t mean showing all the replies in a thread in-line in the comments feed, I mean showing replies with the accompanying parent comment just like you already do on the dedicated tab, but included, chronologically, in the All tab as one would expect.

Like this. Is it really so confusing? Replies don’t lose context, because you coded it so that context is built into each individual reply and they are labeled as a reply.

I noticed another thread in feature requests from a while back that made me realize that replies weren’t even viewable at all in the past, they were added to the Comments page after the fact. Is that why they aren’t tied into the All Comments tab? Could they be?

At the very least, consider lifeiscrazy’s suggestion to let users decide. Instead of a separate All Comments tab, what about a dropdown that has checkboxes next to each type of comment that lets you just toggle which ones you want to see in the feed?