3rd party media centre trakt custom list no longer shows watched episodes with no way to get back to finish

Since Trakt is fully back up and running, there has been a change to how my custom list in kodi works. When I look at a series, previously watched episodes no longer appear and shows where all episodes are watched, no longer show up in the listing, nor are they even accessible in any way on kodi to watch again or for another family member to watch at a different time.

I sometimes fall asleep while watching a show and when it finishes, it is gone with no way to get back to it to finish watching. Is this a trakt list issue / new feature or is this a kodi issue? I have to guess it is trakt related since it started right when the site was restored, any help would be appreciated.

I think you’re better of asking on kodi. If it IS a Trakt issue there’s a better chance you’ll find info on the support forums there. Because there’s more trakt users who use kodi looking there than here :woman_shrugging:

Aren’t you filtering your view to only show unwatched? (Came up as a suggestion in a Google search)

No, filtering to only show unwatched is off and has been off. I will see if I can find a place to ask on a kodi forum. I came here because Trakt lists were working perfectly till the crash and no changes were made to any of my tv boxes, once everything was restored on trakt, all viewed episodes disappeared, worse yet, you can’t even get them back in a search because somehow trakt when activated in an addon, doesn’t show any episodes or seasons that are marked watched. It seems like all personal lists now work the same as watchlist where anything watched is auto removed and that defeats the purpose of custom lists. I have to go to Trakt on the computer and mark the episode unwatched in order to go back and finish watching, if I fell asleep or to have my wife be able to find it and watch it. Kind of an odd glitch, assuming it isn’t somehow an intentional change. Happens on all 3 of my kodi boxes and with all add-ons I have tried.

Lists haven’t changed any behavior on Trakt itself, so not sure why Kodi addons are using them differently.

It is odd, custom movie lists are behaving normally but the custom lists for tv shows are behaving like watchlists with disappearing episodes and seasons once watched, if you watch the latest episode in a series the entire show disappears from the list in all addons till a new episode is released. Very confusing since kodi has not been updated and neither have the addons since before the crash. I see everything properly on the trakt website. Even searches don’t show up in kodi if I search for a show that I am up to date on viewing.

Does it also happen if you create a new custom tv list ?

Yes, I tried to create a new list a few times, same result.