Add-on for Kodi change what watchlist is used

When one used the contextual menu in Kodi to ‘add to watchlist’ it adds to the default watchlist. Is there a way to change that so I can pick which list I use.

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Not from within Trakt itself. Have you reached out the addon developer to see what they recommend?

There’s a Trakt Manager add-on, not the standard Trakt scrobbler add-on, that adds a context menu and provides list functionality that way. One click in the context menu brings up a whole new menu with lots of list options as well as a Refresh Trakt data that I’ve been using when a new episode isn’t showing up in Kodi that I know exists in Trakt and seems to be working well. In the context menu, it’s called something generic like Trakt List Manager and is low on the context menu list.

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Thanks, I will check it out!

It’s in the context menu for Seren only. :grimacing:

Actually not for Seren only - Kodi without Seren installed and I have it in my context menu. I’ll check and see if I can determine which add-on added it.