A link back to the Trakt.tv website

What I really miss, is a way to navigate back to the website! If you click the Trakt logo, you go back to the forums homepage, but it would be neat if there was somewhere a link back to the Trakt main website.

I know that from the main website, it opens the forums in a new tab instead of the same tab, but still. Sometimes i click away the website by accident and such.

Just a simple request from my own convenience (and probably others) #firstworldproblems


I agree, this would be great. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that would be cool.

Yeah maybe with some sort of small arrow so you understand you’re going out of the forum. Would be great.

There is a response to this here. In case y’all did not know.

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I added a new :trakt: icon in the top right near all the other icons. That will open the Trakt website in a new tab.