Links to the old forums

Continuing the discussion from Ooh Man… I liked The Old One Better:

Yes, this would be great. I know I can just bookmark the link, but I already have more bookmarks than I want… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be ideal if there were links to the old forums both on Trakt itself (maybe just right next to the current forums link), and here on Discourse (maybe in the top right), so no matter which site we were on, we could easily access them.

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How difficult is it to create a new bookmark, call it ‘old forums’ and simply call it by typing ‘old forums’ in the browser url bar each time? :roll_eyes:

Certainly not difficult! I never said it would be. :wink:

It would just be nice to have these links, in the same way the link back to Trakt itself was added to the top right. You could do the same thing for getting back to Trakt, make a bookmark and use it, but it creates a nicer UE having the links right here on the site. That’s all. :relaxed:

Not imperative, and certainly not a huge difficulty without them. It’s just a nice feature, and not a huge thing to implement, since it’s only two static links in two single places (next to the VIP forums link on Trakt itself, and up in the top right here on Discourse).

Developer time isn’t infinite, though. I’m sure there are more important features that would benefit more users, therefore worth developer time.

Of course their time is not infinite. That’s why I put this in the “Forums Feeback” section, instead of making an official “Feature Request” out of it for people to vote on. It’s just feedback, just an idea, one that at least one other person already thought was a good idea, so I’m adding my support to it. And, it was buried in another thread, so I thought it would be helpful to make a new topic out of it, so it could actually be seen. :wink:

The point of giving feedback is to voice things we’d like to see, whether big or small. We as paying VIPs obviously like and trust the developers, and know they will be able to best sort out and prioritize our requests and input. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t voice our ideas.

I’d add that someone who doesn’t even know the old forums exist can’t make a bookmark.

A link there from somewhere on the current forum and/or site interface helps everyone, even new VIPs who join in the future.

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True, I hadn’t even thought of this! Excellent point.

I think promoting the old forum would be a step backwards. It’ just legacy. Development, in general, should always take steps forwards.

During the Discourse time, I have had no reasons to access the old board. If somebody needs to access it, they do it because they know what they are looking from there. If somebody wants to access the out of curiosity, they can find the link from the welcome thread.


You are right! In thinking about it, new members would be unlikely to have any need to want to access the old forums, except out of curiosity. Excellent point about legacy & development. :+1: And yes, in the few times I’ve gone to the old forums since Discourse started, I was looking up something specific as you said. :wink:

It’s ridiculous, but I didn’t remember the link was in the welcome thread :sweat_smile: That actually suffices, IMO, since it’s in a sticky post that is easily accessible. :wink: And I’m happy to only have it on here, when I’m in the forums already, don’t really need it on the Trakt site. Was just mentioning all the options I could think of in my original post. :wink:

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