Ability to fix TV Network Logos

Hi Justin,

(I posted it previously in questions & help but there’s not a lot of action there)
I remember posting an issue about this back on the old forums and it’s actually still present. :see_no_evil:

On the year in review page there is an overview of networks and usually local networks are missing icons, like so:

I found another topic that said to upload the logos on TMDB, I checked and made sure they all had images. Am I doing something wrong or can I somewhere update or reload the required images? Or are there certain restrictions the logos need to be in order for them to be synced?

Thanks for looking into this

This requires an update on our end. We have the networks + logos, but the year in review loads logos in a different way currently. It’s on my todo list and I’ll likely fix it when working on the 2022 year in review design later this year.


Thanks for the swift reply! Good to know, I’ll happily wait for the year in review, much more series to watch by then :innocent:

Let us know if we can do anything to help!

Hi Justin,

You probably had other things on your mind, so this is just a small bump as it is not fixed in the year in review.
Otherwise, superb work on the year in review, it’s the best one yet :wink:

Happy holidays!

Norwegian TV 2 also uses the logo of Danish TV 2.

I just pushed an update that will use the TMDB network logos if we have them. You might need to watch another item to have the year in review regenerate. This update applies to all years and the all time stats too.


Awesome, thanks Justin!

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