Wrong logo for TV 2

In year in review it always annoys me that my network for TV-shows danish logo of TV2 instead of the Norwegian one. While I see that Trakt combines these, even though they are separate entities on tmdb and tvdb this is probably the reason. But it could also be the solution?

This feature is using the network name and grouping based on that. When I first developed it, shows were using TVDB which only has the network name. Since then, we’ve switched a lot of shows to TMDB and actually store the network ID from TMDB (obviously much better). So, this isn’t a quick update, but it should be possible. I’ll make a note to look into this, most likely later in the year when I’m working on the 2022 year in review design and tasks.

Still wrong logo on this Popular TV shows - Trakt

Logos aren’t used on that Popular page, it just uses the text name for the Network.

Year in review 2023 stills displays the danish logo for both Norwegian and Danish TV2. And I find no way to update this.