Year in Review: show images

Please ignore my taste in shows, but;


Where are the show images featuring a logo pulled from? For shows without these its not obvious what the show in the Year in Review Top 10 is.

The logo was always pulled from I think. Now tmdb also has support for logos from tv shows though. I don’t know if Trakt pulls those too.

We use the TV thumbs from – for example:

You’re right that we should have a fallback though and use the logo or text to identify the show name. I’ll look into this.

EDIT: now that I think about it more, I’m not sure we should change the image since you can click/hover and it displays the show name in the section above it.

I view this mostly on mobile where hover/click aren’t options, but I appreciate that it isn’t an issue on PC. Ideally the first tap of each tile on mobile would highlight the show, then the second tap is the redirect to the show page. At present it just goes straight to the show page so you don’t see the name/episodes/hours summary. Either way, I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

For the images themselves, do these refresh when requested through the show’s trakt page as per all other images? I’ve added a few to since your response and none have started appearing.

Yes, they should refresh as part of our automated highly updates or by manually clicking the “refresh images” button on any summary page. However, the data could be cached from the API and maybe that’s why it’s not picking up the image quickly. Has the show updated with the correct images now that it has been several days?