Recently the mailing lists started containing large obnoxious advertising which makes scrolling through them unpleasant at best.

I thought a feature of VIP is that it would hide all ads. Please include these new ads among the hidden.

Please post a screenshot of what you’re referring to.

Maybe these aren’t ads, but they definitely need to be resized down. They should be about 10% of the size of the movie or show they are linking to.

That appears to be a bug with how your email client is rendering the email. They aren’t ads, but are links to where you can stream those items. What email client is this?

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2405 Build 16.0.17628.20006) 64-bit

I upgraded to Beta Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2407 Build 16.0.17730.20000) 64-bit , but no change.

Switched to the “New” Outlook, and that seems to have fixed it.


Ok good to know that version fixes it. It seems like it might have been a rendering bug on their end since we don’t have many reports about the email formatting being messed up in any other client.

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Yep, it’s absolutely the client. The trakt emails look good again. Sadly, this is the version that insists on adding back about 1000 Contacts I deleted, like they are doing me some sort of favor :wink: