Another source for animes

Please consider another database for animes as source than that damn tmdb.

They’re freaking useless when it comes to animes.

Their anime rules are a joke. No matter how many users are complaining.

Clearly it is an aberration… and they absolutely do not want to change despite all the arguments…

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Jujutsu Kaisen makes my brain melt like wtf are they doing.

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Jujutsu Kaisen it’s « ok »…

But look Urusei Yatsura: Season 1 (2022) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Jujutsu Kaisen is bad but yeah Urusei Yatsura is an absolute abomination.

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There are a lot of cases which are ridiculous, for many, many shows.

Putting EVERYTHING in one season, wrong airdates, segments (because some TV station COULD air those in a different order, which is basically based on old US cartoons. Wtf?).

And the arrogance. “Each site/database has their own rules” - Yeah, but only tmdb does it completely different.

Or: We thought a lot about our anime guidelines

Obviously not.

This ruins my trakt experiences. Really, it does.
And don’t get my started on superdork97 and his crazy Race friend.

We sync over the season groups and display those on the Trakt website. Does that allow you to see the episodes listed in the correct arcs? Most anime has several different groupings afaik.

We’ve looked into other anime databases and our conclusion was there is no “perfect” source to handle it all. I’m not excusing the issues with TMDB, just saying it is something we’ve looked into.

There’s never a perfect database. But tmdb makes it unnecessarily weird.

What about MAL? I guess any database would be better than tmdb when it comes to animes :thinking: They’re literally the only ones doing it differently than anyone else. Their reasoning though, could be stand-up comedy.