Anyway for a combined TV and movie watchlist?

i really want a combined TV and movie watchlist, if anyone has any ideas of how i can achieve this i would appreciate it. i watch things in date order of release (oldest first)

so far ive tried getting movies on to up next page, no possible way it seems.
I tried going to watched progress on my watchlist but this removes movies
i tried using the watchlist, but anything started doesnt show and the date is the 1st episode, not the episode i am currently up to.

i bought VIP purely to try and find a solution to this, but i cant and im getting pretty frustrated by it. i just want to be able to mix and match movies and tv shows episodes on a single date up next or watchlist page

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I think the Watchlist is already combined. When I view mine, it lists everything and I can change the “type” to Movies/Shows/Episodes/etc… but they are all listed in a single place.

The watchlist is already combined but it shows a full series and not the episode you are up to. Also the watchlist removes tv shows that are “in progress”

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That’s because you can then find them on your progress page.
It makes no sense for movies to be there. You can’t track having watched half a movie….

Watchlist is for what you plan to watch sometime in the near or far future.