Why is Up Next limited to TV Shows?

I feel like it should be ways to view Movies alongside TV Shows in the Up Next-queue, at least as an option?



I would imagine because TV Shows are a number of seasons/episodes and therefore there is a “next one to watch” as in Up Next.

Movies are normally 1 offs (sure there are sequels to some at some point after) and therefore there is no “next one to watch”.

Just my thought.


Yeah, I get that.

My problem is that as I tag TV-Shows and Movies to the Watchlist, only TV-Shows appear in the Up next-queue after release. That means that I also always have to check the Watchlist for movies. Would make more sense to me having movies appear in Up Next after release…


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TV shows do not appear in the Up Next queue after release. They appear after you’ve started watching them. You have to have watched an episode before it appears there. So that system wouldn’t work for movies.

Sorting and filtering the watchlist is probably the best option for what you’re wanting out of it. “Up Next” is basically a “continue watching” section.


Yes, TV-shows do appear in the Up next-queue after release as long as you have the show in your Watchlist. You don’t have to watch any episodes like you claim.


Ah, okay, there’s a setting that’s making it function differently for you.
I was certain my claim was accurate for how it has always functioned for me lol.

You must have “include watchlist” checked under settings>profile>watched progress, whereas I do not. So unwatched series do not appear there for me.

Now I understand why you would want movies to show up there as well!

Yes, I have it set to “Include Watchlisted”, I also didn’t remember that this is a setting you can change.
Anyway, I still feel that Movies should be included, at least as an option/setting.

I’d hate for movies to show up there.

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And that’s OK. All I suggested is having the option to see movies there, not as the default.


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Honestly, the sorting of the watchlist by release date is the best option, as you stated.

Having your watchlist show up on the front page option could be useful, but I think TRAKT has it set right for the “up next” setting. Movies can’t be “up next” after watching a different movie (except in the previous comment, for example the Fast & Furious movies), but you couldn’t have it suggest all of your “SciFi” movies as up next because they are not connected to each other in a series.

Best to just go to your lists and sort them accordingly. I don’t even use the watchlist at all, I created a list of Movies and then a separate on for TV so I could sort them how I want them.


It works for movies. It just depends on the Addon you’re using.

What addon?

Kodi Addons

You can add Kodi addons to the Trakt Webpage or app???

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The kodi App on a Fire stick. Look it up

Kodi addons can’t be directly added to the Trakt website or app. Trakt integrates with Kodi addons, not the other way around.

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The OP was talking about improvements they wanted to see on Trakt. We were just explaining why the request was not possible

Not sure why you brought up the Kodi app though🤔