API spec - OpenAPI schema?

Quick question. I recently checked out the available API documentation (https://trakt.docs.apiary.io/) - which is quite detailed and thorough, so good work!

Now I was wondering if there was any kind of OpenAPI specification/schema available to use?
The doc is helpful, and I’ve seen the already available implementations of libraries to use for the API (GitHub - trakt/api-help: Trakt API docs at https://trakt.docs.apiary.io), but an official schema to import and use would be pretty nice.

OpenAPI: OpenAPI Specification - Version 3.0.3 | Swagger

The API docs use the API Blueprint format, perhaps there is a way to convert that to an OpenAPI format?

Hey. Thanks for the response.
I did find some random github repo tools that seem to make it possible to convert that documentation to the open api spec. At least it looks like valid schema that saves tons of manual work.

So consider this weird question resolved, for that purpose (:

Ok great! Yeah I was hoping there was a conversion script out there.