What is happening with Trakt API?


I’m looking at creating a scrobbler sort of Dashboard/Tool for Trakt and it’s integration with other apps and how users can basically use it’s API.

However upon looking at the blog I mean is it still being updated? There doesn’t seem to be much happening and this is a feature which should be focused on in my eyes?

An update would be awesome. Many thanks.

I’m not a developer, so maybe I’m missing your issue. But many apps use Trakt API and it’s regularly sending updated data.

Trakt API Docs

Or are you saying you’d like the blog to be updated more?

for me i tried the same, i made an application in .net that shows my calendar shows that have “new episodes” it took me a very very much time to make it happen. I’m not familiar with API so much but from the site and blog of API i made it happen.
I agree It is a bit mess over there and hard to navigate. But the result was good


Can you be more specific about what you’d like updated? @great_vc sounds like you’d like things organized more clearly, is that correct? @SudoBox I’m not sure what you’re wanting to be updated.

Yes it is quite difficult to figure out even the simple thing as to get the api key for your application. So a reorganize and a nice entry level FAQ can come a long way.

I agree with Great_vc. Also the blog looks as if it hasn’t been touched in a while…it hasn’t. For something that’s as active as it is today that’s quite disappointing.

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