VIP Plex Scrobbler expected payload?

Is the payload definition that the VIP Plex Scrobbler expects documented somewhere?
I have a source of events that I would like to pipe into the plex scrobbler, but would need to convert the payload to a compatible one first. The payloads as sent by Plex are rather verbose, I’m assuming the scrobbler on Trakt side doesn’t use most of the fields.

The Trakt API should be used directly for any custom data you want to send. The Plex scrobbler is only for Plex and we have different validations for the data being sent.

Does the API have a generic webhook support that works like the plex endpoint? In my use case I have a generic webhook implementation that just needs a template to format the payload which I would prefer to use instead of running some webhook-to-trakt-api app somewhere.

No, we don’t have a general web hook endpoint. That’s an interesting idea and something I should look into though. For now, please don’t try and use the Plex endpoint for this purpose since it’s not intended for that.

I was already thinking how many requests would I need to bombard the endpoint with to programmatically figure out what fields are actually needed. But since you asked so nicely I’ll put that silly idea aside for now and just call the API somehow.