Apple Login

I want to use my Apple ID to log in but when I select the Apple option is seems to create a new account, despite using my Apple ID email and my existing Trakt username, what am I doing wrong?

Can someone please explain how I link my existing Track account to my Apple ID.


You’ll first need to delete the new Trakt account it created. Then, sign in to your original account. Go to and connect the Apple account there.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I get the error as per the attached. I also can’t delete the account I created in error as I get the same error page, so now I am stuck :exploding_head:

I had this problem yesterday for several attmpts, but after leaving it and trying again about an hour latter I was able to get on the site.

I pushed a fix yesterday that hopefully will make Apple login work more reliably. I’m not exactly sure why the issue is happening, it seems related to some increased security during the sign in process.

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Thanks but just tried to link my existing account to my Apple ID and it took me through the setup pages for a new account?!

I think I may now have 3 Trakt accounts in trying to get this to work :rofl:

Hmm, and it didn’t work to delete that new account, sign in with your main Trakt account, then link Apple from the settings?

Hi Justin,

Many thanks. I managed to log into my two erroneous accounts and delete them, then link my Apple ID to the Trakt account I actually want to use! All seems OK now.

Much appreciated.

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Where do you link an Apple account? I don’t see it in any of the settings

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