Bug: DVD & Blu-ray Calendar has incorrect "Next Month & Previous Month" Links

I’ve noticed a weird bug where the arrows next to the month lead to different and incorrect months or have a missing month all together or the month name is different than the number in the link.

The number corresponding to the month in the link seems to also be wrong in some cases, usually offset by one number. Some of the links go from 2023-11-01 and after clicking on the previous month it leads you down to 2023-09-01 as it is shown in the screenshot at the bottom.

The “Next Month” button seems to just redirect you to the same location, in one of the screenshots Sep 2023 leads to Sep 2023 again and the previous button skips 2023-09-01 and goes straight to 2023-08-01.

After manually changing the link to 2023-12-01 it displays November 2023 and the buttons once again skip a number or lead to the same page. I also changed the date manually to 2023-01-01 which shows December of 2022

Also included my Time zone settings if that is the problem

A few weeks I pushed an update that should have fixed this. I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue and so far haven’t been able to. The bug was related to the time zone and I’m testing with the same time zone you have set. I’ll re-push the fix later today just in case there was a server without the update. I’ll try to reproduce the issue again after that re-update.

I’ve tried clearing my cookies on the chromium browser I’m using, but that didn’t seem to be the issue, so I tried the Firefox browser to see if it was a browser problem, but I have the same issue there. Changing timezones also didn’t seem to effect it.

I also found a different bug while looking for the solution, or at least I assume it’s unintended. When clicking on the different calendar options it keeps going down a month. I made a quick video to showcase this