Can I import a csv file of my watched Netflix shows and movies?

I guess Netflix won’t allow scrobbling so is it possible to import my Netflix watched list as a CSV file into Trakt?

Many thanks.

If you use chrome you can use the extension Traktflix. It’s wonderful.

Though it doesn’t scrobble when you’re not watching via Chrome. Of course.

I thought it will still sync plays from other devices? Not in real time, but like a daily sync using the Netflix account activity.

Yes, I tried that app on my Chromebook but it didn’t do anything. Options wouldn’t even open. This was the one from the Play Store and not from Github.

Also I don’t watch Netflix through Chrome. I watch on the Netflix app on my Nvidia Shield.

It’s too bad because most of my history is in Netflix.

Thanks for the suggestions though.

Oh yeah. I think You actually can set it up like that actually. I haven’t though. I rather have control about it haha.

Or you can manually go to the page where you can check stuff to add to history the stuff that you might have forgotten to add because you watched it on another device and didn’t manually add it!

Wait you do have to actually visit Netflix in order for the extension to properly open! It won’t open from just any page

When i am home I can post some screenshots if desired.

Thanks, maybe I’ll install it again and then open Netflix. I didn’t do that last time.

HEre’s some screenshots:


Then you can select “History”, and it has some toggles on top to make life easier. I always toggle “hide synced”, if I already marked it manually as watched, I don’t need it to be listed. Only the ones I missed. For me it now only shows stuff I might have started, but not finished, or abandoned.

You can also load multiple pages at once, like I can do five pages at a time or something. But if you do “all”, there’s a big change your browser might crash.

I haven’t actually found an option to automatically check for unsynced stuff, also not in settings, but maybe it’s hidden somewhere.

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Yes, thanks a lot, it works for me now. Like you said I needed to have Netflix open.

It’ll save me some time.

So, you telling me you can transfer Netflix movies and TV shows to your Trakt?


Someone also made a Firefox version I see on the GitHub

Universal Trakt Scrobbler has replaced this.