Can we still add tvdb shows?

I know trakt follows tmdb now, but some shows still refresh their data from tvdb as a source. So I’ve been trying to add this tvdb show on trakt: ModernGurlz -

And it wouldn’t add no matter how much I tried.

I wonder if anybody can help?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No you have to import the tmdb id. That is also what’s said in the import pop-up.

Otherwise Trakt won’t know what site to import from :joy: it’s not like tmdb and tvdb use different kind of ids. Like IMDb

But that entry might not be supported on Trakt I don’t know. Maybe head over to their support forums to ask before adding it!!

Hi! Yes I’ve tried putting the ID under the tvdb search function but it won’t add.

Thank you though :slight_smile:

New shows are only imported from TMDB, can that show be added to TMDB?

The MOVIE DB is Sh** for series. That’s way the site called MOVIE and not TV DB.

And the most series order on TMDB are screwed up! And the mods locked the edit features for shows and give a f*** if the show order is right.

Most problems I saw is for anime shows, like shin Shan, dragon ball bleach and co.

TDMB and TVDB both have movies and TV shows these days. Using Bleach as an example, TMDB has the episodes in season 1, but has a bunch of alternate seasons which we have listed here: Bleach: Original Air Date - Trakt. In general, that seems to be how they handle Anime. We have an anime expert on our moderation team who handles fixing anime (and everything else too).

I don’t think it’s fair to say TMDB is shit for series at this point, years ago I would agree with that but it’s come a long way since then.


Basically, when it comes to anime TMDB has very clear rules. You can read them if you wish.
I, myself, think they are very resonable.
The Japanese airing order is the one they follow. Sequels must be added in the same page as the main show. And if the numbering is continuous, it should all be in one season.
Eventually they will move all anime to match this.
While the way they handle might not be ideal for some cases (like airing order being wrong), they do list everything and we can use their alternative orders. It is the way they aired on TV and there is nothing we can do about that.
TVDB also does things in an odd way, like listing spin-offs and remakes into the same page as the main show. (See Captain Tsubasa, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Saint Seiya for example).
I acctually prefer the way TMDB handles them. Usually if something is locked, it is because someone did not follow the rules and changed things before.


So here’s a question since Bleach was used as an example. Can we import the seasons that TMDB has here for Bleach? Season List from 1 - 16 OR have it as an option so one can pick one or the other?

It seems that on TMDB Season 1 is just the absolute numbering of the first 16 Seasons (According to IMDB, & TheTVDB, I’m not sure if there are more that have it this way)


Disregard I think I found it. Thanks anyway.

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