Can't Update Credit Card

When I try and update my card details, Stripe throws this error at me.

Something went wrong

The page you were looking for could not be found. Please check the URL or contact the merchant.

I will have to cancel if I can’t get this changed.

I need to update my card as well, and got exactly the same error.
The card on file is no longer valid, and in a couple of days my subscription is up for renewal :frowning:

I am looking into this now. I recently upgraded the Stripe integration and there appears to be an issue with updating the card on file at Stripe.

@mvanbaak @mriksman I have a potential fix, can you try again and see if it loads the correct Stripe page to update your credit card?

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Thanks! I was successful in changing my card information. \o/ Up to year 11 of being a subscriber

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Wow, thank you! :raised_hands:

Confirmed working now. Thanks for the quick action.

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