Casanegra (2008) weird activity

Has anyone else noticed the strange number of plays this relatively old movie has been getting this week? Maybe its somehow totally organic but the other day there were over 700 Trakt accounts watching this movie at one time (the most I usually see for new blockbuster releases is like 250-300 watchers), and since then the number of current watchers has stayed in the hundreds. Maybe this movie is having some kind of “moment”? but the fact that no one has commented on the movie and it only has 25 ratings seems a little weird to me…

Anyway this probably doesn’t matter but was wondering if it had been noticed by anyone else.

i notice and looked online for a reason , nothing found

I think we’ve identified the bug and we also cleaned up the data for that movie. Should be back to normal, but please let me know if you see this movie or any other weird ones creep up the trending list.


It’s out of my iOS widget (which is set to Trending Movies) so it seems like it’s all good now!

lol I noticed this as well and was curious. I assumed it was Tiktok or some influencer with a stream or podcast but glad it was fixed up.