Odd Watched Data on listed in history

Hey, Trakt people OG VIP here. For the past couple months I have been seeing some Bad Data? when it comes to watched shows.

My profile is here. https://trakt.tv/users/movie_mike/year/2018

The Current Problems are if you pay attention to shows. 1,3,4,6,7,8 and 10. The lone ranger is the only show I have of those. For some reason It is recording many multiple scrobbles of the same episode of episodes I do not have. See example attached https://trakt.tv/users/me/history?show=960
This occurs frequently it is always the same shows, scrobbling hundreds of times, I will go in and Manually delete them from the watched shows list, but the next time I check the site its right back where it was.
It was also occurring with watched movies, it seems to have stopped but sometimes it will show up twice.
My first media sever was x-box media server which named changed to Kodi, I had the Trakt Add-on.
I switched away to Emby and had that plugin, witch sometimes did not work, had to reset from time to time.
Currently I am on Plex With VIp. access.

So my questions are
1 .what is causing the problem.
2. if it is on my end what can we do to fix.
3. if not on my end, how do we fix the data?
4. if my data is screwed, how can it be rebuilt.

I am really not sure where the logs for plex are stored.
Just switched to it in February.


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Hi @Movie_Mike. Because this is specific to your account and will need some investigation, could you please open a support ticket? This will increase our response time.

Hey, thanks Kate. I did and we solved it.
The emby plug-in was throwing bad code,
Have since switched over to plex, and no further problems.