Cosmetic upgrade to Personal Lists

I’m working a lot with personal lists and considering how beautifully designed everything else in the app is I’d like to state that this specific design choice seems somewhat ugly to me (Sorry haha)

So as soon as a list consists of more than 5 items the lists overview goes from 5 preview cover artworks to 4 and changes the last image to a fully grey poster size box indicating how much more items are within the list.

Would it be possible to instead keep the 5 cover artworks and move the counter further down like aligned to the right next to the lists title for example? I mean, I don’t think it has to be poster size anyways.
It could just state +XX (- the “more”) underneath.

I’d even go a step further and instead of saying how many MORE items are within a list just state the total amount of items within the list (as it already states when going into any list on the top right).

Lmk what you guys think of this… :v:t3:

Yes I think a ugly grey box isn’t good to have, as well as removing the X more to be more of just a number would probably make this design look better.

The Grey Box could be changed with smaller versions of some of the Posters inside of the collection, making it show you some of the data before clicking it.

I think the other thing that gets me is how sharp the edges are on each poster, putting a slight curve around each box could make it look not only more friendly but also not so ugly.

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I was actually thinking about adding a comment about the sharp edges as well haha but I can absolutely live with that design choice… the grey box however :sweat_smile:

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