Personal List Updates

Personal lists are getting a ton of upgrades on Trakt! Here’s a rundown of what’s change in the website.

VIP Features

  • Notes(255 maximum characters) can be added on all list items. This includes your watchlist, recommendations, and personal lists.

  • Collaboration – Invite anyone you’re following to collaborate on your lists. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll have full access to add and remove items on the list (notes too if they’re a VIP). Any items added by a collaborator display their avatar over the poster. The add to list popup will include any collaborative lists, so it’s super easy to manage throughout the Trakt website.

  • Custom fanart – The 1st ranked item will be used for the fanart in the top section.

Standard Features

  • Pagination – All lists are now paginated, this allows larger lists to actually load and be useable. All sorting and filtering options are still available.

  • In place management – Previously, we had to re-order the list by rank before allowing management. With pagination, we can do this inline. To change the rank, just click the rank number, type in a new one, and click Enter. Single page lists order by rank will still have drag and drop to order.

  • Filter by type – This was possible before, but pretty hidden. The type filter has been elevated to the main list page to be more clear.

  • Filter by genre – Genre filtering added to the main list page.

  • Re-organized header – The header sections on a list page are re-organized to better match the rest of your User pages.


We’ll be enforcing some limits around lists. There are several apps that create lists with way too many items (think 100k+) which negatively affects Trakt API and website performance for all members. We picked limits that shouldn’t affect your normal usage, but will prevent these huge lists from being created.

These limits will be enforced starting Tuesday, June 14, 2022 May 31, 2022

VIP Members

  • Unlimited lists
  • 10,000 2,000 items on your watchlist
  • 10,000 2,000 items on a personal list
  • notes on each list item

New Members

  • 5 personal lists
  • 1,000 250 items on your watchlist
  • 500 250 items on a personal list

Existing Members

  • 10 personal lists
  • 2,000 500 items on your watchlist
  • 1,000 500 items on a personal list


  1. What happens to lists with an insane amount of items?

Lists like this negatively affect the Trakt website and API. Here’s an example, someone has a list with 100,000 movies on it that were released in 1980-2000. That list is not useful in anyway and that info can be easily found using the search page and advanced filters.

We’re still formulating a plan for how to deal with massive lists that already exist and we’ll update you on those plans once we have it. Our intention isn’t to wipe out valid data, but we will need to deal with some of these insanely large lists that exist in the near future.


Here’s a screenshot showing some of the new updates. This list has a collaborator who added 2 items. There is also a note on one of the items. The header is re-organized with the type and genre dropdowns.


FYI, we’ve increased the limits based on feedback and list examples. We also pushed back the enforcement date by 2 weeks to June 14, 2022.