Dashboard bug on desktop

Seeing a bug on the website where if I go to trakt.tv directly, my dashboard page doesn’t show Up Next, Upcoming Schedule, and Last 30 Days. All blank. However, when I go to any other part of the site (History, Progress, etc.) and then BACK to the homepage by clicking on the Trakt logo at the top, everything is back to normal…very odd. I have included a photo for reference.


Are there any errors in your browser console? They would be denoted with red text, if so.

Not sure how I would check for such errors but I have tried clicking “Reset Browser Data” and it doesn’t register the click.

Yeah, I’m guessing there is a JavaScript error that would normally show up in the browser console. I will try and reproduce the error myself too.

Hmm. Looks like something similar is going on with my profile.

Thanks for looking into this! Much appreciated.

Update: this is happening in stats too. Oddly enough, the “click on ‘History’ or ‘Progress’ then click the logo” trick doesn’t work to fix the stats visuals, which stay visually glitchy.

I am experiencing the same blank screen/missing data problem.

I have the same problem. This is a console screenshot of the dashboard

This is after turning off AdGuard

Just wanted to say this happens to me too. I’ve notice that if i click on any other link then go back to the dashboard home page, it works again.

It is only empty when i first to go the page. aka go to trakt.tv, then it redirects to dashboard url, but it’s empty until i click a diff link (any link), then go back to the dashboard page.

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I’m seeing the same behavior as of a few hours ago. Let me know what I can provide to help troubleshoot the issue.

Same issue I’ve had for a few hours now… I’ve done the Advanced Reset data thing… and messed with turning on/off sections of the homepage, I got it to load the page normal only once… unlike the above people that say going to another page and clicking the logo to go back, it goes back to the broken page for me.

Same error message by the looks to what @Rayokey posted above, except mine also states something about ‘isSeason’ isn’t set or was null or something, I can’t remember and I can’t check right now.

I’ve dumped my browser cache, checked other browsers, this is broken on both Chrome and Firefox on my Windows laptop (didn’t check my iMac) but the page loaded last I checked (after this issue started) on my iPhone using Chrome.

The going to another page and back, I had originally tested with “All Time States” and “Your Profile” which neither worked, but I just tested again and only clicking on “Shows” then the logo to go back works for me right now.

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Good it’s not just me. Same issue here as well. Clicked on shows, then the Trakt logo and it came back.

https://trakt.tv/dashboard - Works, some of the time.

https://trakt.tv/users/oldmankestis - Shows nothing in dashboard

All same here.

I am experiencing the same problem.

Yup same issue, my dashboard is blank, but other sections seem to load ok so far, not sure what any of this means in the console, but I see red things lol…just an update…I noticed if I click one of the headers eg: shows,movies,calender,discovery,apps…then go back to the home dashboard it loads up everythnig fine.

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This should be fixed now.


Looks great now—thank you so much!

yup working great, thanks Justin