Display current movie/show playing on LCD 16x2 with Raspberry Pi

Hello everybody,

I have a Raspberry at home which displays some information such as time, temperature, date etc. Some time ago I coded a script to display the music I listen to on Spotify in real time.

I did the same thing for Trakt and it’s so cool!

Here is my Github for more information:
Github LCD Home Automation

Home Automation Now Playing Movie/Show Youtube Video


Very cool integration :smile:

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I’m guessing this also works with the Podcasts that you listen to through TraktCasts as well now

I have a little more information to give you. I use Trakt to scrobble my Plex. But for the display on the LCD screen, I simply read the Trakt information via the API. So we don’t care if it’s Plex or not.
For podcasts, we could do the same thing easily I think. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t do it myself but if you’re interested, we can easily solve the problem you and me :slight_smile: