Display icon/badge if episode is the last in the season

I usually wait for an entire season to be aired before binge it, so I would be great if, in the “Calendar” view there would be a “badge” or “icon” to indicate that this episode is the last in the season.

Or, would display the episode #, as “1x03/12” indicating that this is episode 3 of 12 episodes in season 1.


There have been some other topics about this. We don’t have enough info to know what the last episode of a season is. Some shows have episodes added as the show airs, so the last episode would change everyone a new episode is added.

ok, thanks for the reply.

It’s a good suggestion and if we can reliably get the season finale info then we will use it. Hopefully TMDB can add the field or if you know another reliable way please let us know.

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I don’t have any suggestions, but what I do now is click on the show and then the season page and look to see how many episodes there are in total.

I have on occasion noticed that the number of episodes was incorrect, but rarely. So, maybe just use the info that trakt does have, with a disclaimer (or toggle in settings to turn off/on)?

I go by TVDB, they normally have the number of shows listed per season

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