Downloading episodes to an iPad?


Don’t “yell” at me. I am a brand newbie and am trying to keep my wife happy (no remarks!).

When we travel, she likes to download things to watch to her iPad so she can watch on the plane, in the hotel room when I am ignoring her, etc. Is there a way to do that?


Depends on your content provider, and whether they allow downloads, but as an example on the Netflix app, you can download shows/movies for offline viewing, although they do expire after a certain amount of time, and some are limited to how many times you can download/year.

Thank you. Yes, we do know that about streaming services. Referring to downloading things that have been saved in Trakt collections, etc., that may have come from other than the typical streaming services.

Not something you can do via Trakt, This is a movie/show tracker…it has no link to the actual content at all.

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Thank you.