Episode before released

Looks like thetvdb is reporting that this episode should be out on the 19th July…and yet here on 13 July we are watching it. Is that Sierra trying to fix, I assume that’s a thetvdb issue?

I think that the airdate on TVDB is correct. Maybe some users have early access.

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It appears so as the 19th is the release date that is advertised by Bravotv…

Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Videos | Bravo TV Official Site

But the futon critic shows multiple release dates…

Shows A-Z - below deck mediterranean on bravo | TheFutonCritic.com

Apparently episodes from season 6 will be released on the streaming service Peacock seven days prior to airing on Bravo.

Yeah I access via hayu in the uk. I guess it’s quite ahead.

I mean I just got the message about watching before release, but the app did it without complaint too much

Pre-releases don’t count for airdates. At least on tmdb and that’s all care about :woman_shrugging:

You can still mark it as watched precisely for that reason. Same with movies.

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