Episode show times are incorrect on my upcoming schedule

I noticed that the episodes (any tv shows) on my upcoming schedule are using Eastern Time, which is 3 hours ahead of my Pacific Standard time zone.

I have double checked my settings and they are in fact using PST. The issue has been apparent when I am missing the scheduled show times of episodes because my notifications are sent 3 hours late. I checked every single upcoming episodes and they are ALL, 3 hours late for me.

This issue is true on both the iOS and website version, if that matters. Any help would be appreciated!

Sounds strange, i dont have a solution, maybe if its on a east coust Channel that might be the reason but i thought trakt corrected it automaticly, i some times have the same but only one hour wrong, this maybe due to gmt dont have summer/winter time we do and trakt doesnt know this. And im not sure usa/canada have it eighter so this happens When i show premieers in those countrys.
Again sorry not having a solution to your exact question.
Best regards from Sweden

This is definitely an issue that has to be corrected. I have been noticing incorrect times before, but only now that it affects me directly because I began turning on notifications for shows. and I receive them 3 hours late because Trakt does not follow my timezone settings.

I hope somebody can help me out with this, one of the Trakt developers can help out, perhaps?

Ok, first we need to know what shows are (to see if their time is correct in the database) and if this problem also happens in the calendar and in the episode’s page.

I’ll just post a few on my upcoming since it’s actually all in my TV show watchlist:

House of the Dragon
The Rings of Power
Reservation Dogs
Star Wars: Andor

Like in House of the Dragon, it should be 6PM PDT but it’s showing 9PM Eastern Time in all these instances:

And here’s my time setting:

US shows use Eastern time as the main time zone, and typical broadcast television plays the show at 9pm EST and 9pm PST. With streaming, we might need to change this behavior for certain networks or streaming only shows.

With this show, I’m guessing it still premieres on HBO and since that’s the original airing it makes sense to use the above rule.

It just defeats the purpose of notifications to never miss another show if it just caters to EST time zone folks. Thank you for your response, Justin!

The intention is to make other time zones correct. For broadcast TV it airs live at the same time. The earliest air time would be eastern time for US based shows though.

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