Friend Suggestions

It’d be nice to have friend suggestions based off your viewing history.
For example:

XYZ watched 5 of the same series/movies as you recently

If not that then have the ability to search twitter/Facebook for friends who also use Trakt. If you don’t know the user name of the person it’s hard to find someone. :grinning:

So true. I’ve been wanting to add like minded users to get ideas of shows that maybe flew under my radar.

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Great idea, im always looking for suggestions of new shows to watch.

Im based in the UK and into all sorts of TV really. Feel free to add me.

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Right! Or just find friends who like the same genres and shows and pump each other up for any upcoming releases :tv:


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My Trakt user profile is linked in my user summary here. It’s far to hard to search for users on Trakt

Indeed it is hard! A system to suggest people who watch similar shows would be fantastic.
Plus like You say Discussing upcoming and current shows would be so fun.
I followed you :grinning:

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What I would find particularly interesting is to see which users’ ratings correlate most closely with my own. This would help me find people with similar tastes.


This. It’s not difficult at all to find other people watching the same content, trakt lists current viewers after all.

But a more complex friend suggestion system would be a nice addition. I’d be interested to see what people recommend that have a very similar rating pattern to mine.


Doh, this never even dawned on me. Good stuff


If you don’t know someone’s user name you won’t be able to find them. At least that’s what I’ve experienced.

It is nice they list who is all currently watching but if it’s older content it’s not always actively being watched at the same time you might be. It’s also very cumbersome to go through all the clicks to get to that

It would be a nice to have to just be able to search your twitter for the people you follow or something similar.

Again just a nice to have thought

I second this, although I think suggestions would be more accurate based on Ratings rather than Watch history. Maybe have the option to select based on History or Ratings.

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I am also for it. Still I miss the feature to ,contact the person" (of course, if the they wanted to). Like a message, chat or just link to other social profile. I think Trakt could be a incredible community website.

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