Has drag to reorder been completely removed?

No, we switched to paginated lists so that lists with hundreds of items could load properly. Previously large lists would take forever to load, or not even load at all.

First off, Happy Holidays. Hope they’ve been great for you.

Hi Justin, just so you know, this has been working great, and even after the server recovery it still worked, but today I went to edit my lists and found that drag to reorder is gone again, is this a glitch? Or did you decide to remove it for some reason?

Is it a single page list?

Yes it is. Only 100 items. I just noticed (before this reply) if I switch it to “sort by rank” than I can drag to reorder, but not in say… “recently added.” Whereas before I could drag regardless of sort order.
Not a big deal though, if I can switch it to rank and reorder, that works for me. Just thought I’d ask about the change.

Ah, that might be a bug then. It should change to rank order when you click the manage link.

Yeah, it just started very recently.

I looked into this and it’s not actually a bug. I’ll take a look and see what I can do, but when we switched to paginated lists several months ago the only scenario allowing drag was single page + rank order selected.

Weird, I must be losing my mind because I was POSITIVE that I would just press manage and was able to drag to reorder. I have 7 or 8 lists I update almost daily and most of them are sorted by “recently added” but I would sometimes drag to reorder and I genuinely remember it working regardless of sort order.
If you’re saying this has been this way for months, I’ll take your word for it but man, I was positive I was dragging to reorder everywhere until recently.

That’s what I thought too, but looking at the code it only is setup to work of single page + rank order. I’ll take a look and if nothing else, I’ll update the manage messaging to explain rank order is required and might be able to provide a link that loads rank and manage mode.

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Well at least we BOTH thought this was the case. Now I don’t feel so crazy.

  1. I would encourage you to write something in the UI that tells people that clicking on an item’s order number and changing it will work.
  2. (however) it does not seem to work at present. I can change the rank order of a movie and the number remains changed if I click off it then click on “manage” again but even after I click onto another page and back again and ask to see results by rank (or if I reload the page) that movie’s place on screen does not seem to change. (And sometimes it does not seem to change at all)
  3. (And this might be a larger question) - having ranked everything in my wishlist correctly… it would be nice if I could filter my list by any criterion not just genre or title and auto-generate, say, a ranked list of every Humphrey Bogart movie on my wishlist that is not in black and white.
  4. It would be good if I could

Good suggestions. I’ll update the UI with some helper text and make it save the position on blur of the field (it currently requires pressing enter).

As for #3, I’m unclear how or if we could do that.