List Management broken now

While managing a private list of mine I just noticed that the easy drag and drop functionality is gone and was replaced by a dismal “enter the number” feature… I wonder who has signed off on that. This is way worse than the solution before. At least let us choose what system we want or say provide both. This breaks lists for me.

Anyone else?

Drag to reorder is still working for me, but it appears to only show up when the list is sorted by rank.

The “enter the number” is there as well, but as far as I can tell doesn’t appear to work.

Enter the number has always been there. Lists were changed to be paginated, which allows larger lists to load and apply filtering correctly. Drag to reorder works on single page lists, but unfortunately doesn’t make sense with paginated lists.

too bad… I get the reason behind this decision but why not make it optional or for bigger lists only? Lets say lists with 200 entries do not have a pagination and still can use the drag and drop feature - curating my own lists, rearranging was one of the main reasons for me to become VIP…

It would be nice if there was an option to “view entire list on one page” that would thus make the drag to reorder work again. I just find entering the number can get very confusing on large lists if you’re trying to move a bunch of things around, especially if you can’t see how items on the next page are ranked

Performance was bad on larger lists which made the drag and browser based sorting options no longer function. That’s why we switched to paginated.