Ranked list now displays wrong number when I drag to reorder

I have one list of 100 titles sorted by rank that I reorder regularly and have for a few years now. In the past, whatever position I put a title in, it would automatically rank itself the number corresponding to it’s position, so when I was done dragging and reordering, I had a list numbered from 1-100. As of a couple days ago, the numbering when I reorder has gone wonky. It will either not change number, or change number to a different number than either the current or previous position.

Now as a temporary fix, I have been just changing numbers to the proper position but that is MUCH less convenient and quick than drag to reorder.

Wondering if this is a Trakt glitch or specific to my account. I HAVE tried clearing cache/cookies and even logging in through incognito and the behavior persists.