Has drag to reorder been completely removed?

So I’ve noticed the new features, but may I ask why the ability to drag to reorder was removed? That was a very handy feature when sorting by rank. Especially as I base a number of my lists on other lists. That being said, is there any way to bring it back? Or is it gone for good?

Question two. If we are just left with the “numbering” system. Can the thumbnails at least jump into the right place once numbered as they used to? Leaving them where they were until a page refresh makes ranked lists very difficult to edit, I have a top 100 I edit almost daily by reranking and today was quite tedious.

Since lists are now paginated, the drag to reorder unfortunately can’t be supported. I’m planning to look into this more, maybe I can still do something of the list is only one 1 page and ordered by rank.

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Thank you for the response. If you do figure something out, I’d really appreciate it. With drag gone AND the thumbnails staying where they are when renumbered, it becomes somewhat confusing when attempting to reorder an existing list.

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It displays 120 per page, so just curious how many pages your lists are now?

I agree this can be improved/restored and I hope to make that happen. The weird thing is when you’re on page 2+ or managing with a non-ranked order. Any updates with moving things around will likely require ranked order, but that seems ok.

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I used the drag to reorder all the time to organize a small list of things I wanted to watch in a certain order. Now with just the move first or last this becomes a lot harder to manage. I really hope you can figure out a way to restore this. Thanks

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You can click on the rank, type a new number, then press Enter. I’ll be looking into dragging and see if that’s possible on smaller lists.

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Hi Justin, my lists are all 100 items or less so for me it won’t be an issue if there is a 120 item limit for this.
Also, when we’re entering numbers, can it pop into the proper place along with the dragging if it’s a single page? Like I said, ranking my top 100 every other day is quite confusing without that option, but if nothing else, drag to reorder is something I really I appreciate you saying you’ll look into.

Good news, I was able to restore a lot of the functionality. It will be released early next week or possibly sooner. Here is how it will work.

  • Rank order is required

All lists (paginated or single page)

  • Move first/last icons adjusts the rank, moves the item to the front/end of list, and scrolls the item into view.
  • Change rank by clicking and typing in a new rank, moves the item to the correct position, and scrolls the item into view.

Single page lists

  • Drag and drop to re-order

Lists without rank order

  • Change rank by clicking and typing in a new rank, item does not move position.

You are the MAN! Thank you so much. That is great, great news and I really appreciate you getting on it so quick.

The updates are now live on the website.


Yep, tested it out. Beautiful. And thank you again for the quick work.

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This has ruined my frequently updated “Horror Movie Franchises” list as I can no longer move newly added entries to where they’re supposed to be as the list is 10 pages long with over 1100 titles. Titles are moved manually as sequels/prequels often aren’t numbered. I’ve been updating this list for 6-7 years now. Making lists and editing them is one of my favourite Trakt features. This is devastating.

Items can still be moved. Go into manage mode, click the rank, type in a new one and press enter.

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Does not appear as though you can move titles from one page to another though.

It will accept any rank number as needed.

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When I tried it out I needed to move a title with rank 1155 to 685 or something like that. That is from page 10 to page 6. I’m sorry to say that all that happened was that the title ended up at the top of page 10.

That’s what it will do temporarily yes. It still moves the rank, but on page 10, it can only move into the first position visually. If you click on page 6 it will be there.

Why are they paginated rather than dynamically lengthened whilst scrolling, as most lists are?

Infinite scroll is cool sometimes, but it works better to have true pagination for lists in my opinion. Much easier to jump to pages and reload things.

Does the development-team intend to re-add the ability to view lists as infinite as an option?