Help with emby and jellyfin export

I keep getting a export failed when I try to export my jellyfin and emby library to trakt. Could someone help me resolve this issue?

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Re-authorize Trakt in your Jellyfin/Emby settings.
Check your logs for specific error messages.
Try exporting a smaller batch of media at a time.

I’ve already tried re-authorizing. The error says


options, String httpMethod) at


options, String httMethod) at Trakt. Api.TraktApi.PostToTrakt(String url, Object data, TraktUser traktUser, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Trakt.Api.TraktApi.RefreshUserAuth(TraktUser traktUser, CancellationToken

I’ve tried 1 user, all users no change they all fail. The only ones exporting looks to be jellyfin