3rd party apps (emby + jellyfin) scrobbling not working

After data crash was fixed I refreshed my apps tokens for emby + jellyfin as was mentioned in forum.
I have kodi with emby plugin and seperate jellyfin app on desktop,
The apps can download watched episodes from trakt. So the apps are connected to trakt tv.
Also I see them in connected apps on trakt tv page.

But when I am watching something I see that apps send request to trakt api server for scrobbling with no errors (for example in emby server log). But then I don’t see these episodes in recently watched history on trakt tv so I need to add manually them to trakt from GUI.
I am very disappointed !

This was working before database crash.

My workflow
The way I use trakt tv is to sync data between emby + jellyfin.
So I watch tv show episdoe in emby. Then Tv show episode is marked as watched by scrobbling . Then when jellyfin will sync this watched episode from trakt tv.
The jellyfin and emby are synced.

It seems it started worked somehow :smile: