I need help remembering which service I'm watching a show on

once a show is added to my watchlist it would be super if I could pick the service where I’m watching it. I don’t binge, and I go through a rotation of all the shows I’m watching. trouble is I don’t always remember what service I’m watching it on. if I could choose a service when adding the show to my watchlist and a small icon for each service would appear with the listing. it would be so helpful. I would also need a icon for IPTV or KODI. if it could be an extension to the show title string, 3rd party apps might also pick it. thank you for your consideration.

What about using the notes on each list item? It’s not a quick icon, but you can type in any text to help remember.

alright that’s sounds like a good idea, thanks!!

Syncler is a good platform to work around that issue.

You can also add the station as one of your favorite networks. Then the show will have a play button that will show where it’s available to watch. You can add all services where you watch and hang it so the play button will only show if it’s on one of those channels.