Filter Progress Page By Streaming Service

It would be really useful if I could filter the shows on my Progress page by streaming service, like I can on my lists. That way I can pay for a streaming service to catch up on a bunch of shows I started (but got behind on), cancel it, and move on to the next service to do the same.

(Copying this idea from the old forums.)

Agree :smiley:

want this too

This would use the next episode to watch, and check the streaming services it’s on, correct? I think we’d need to use the episode and not the show to be the most reliable.

Side Note: people pages can be filtered by streaming service now too, joining lists, watchlists, and recommendation lists.


I think it would be the most useful if it would check for the next episode to watch. For example with a show with two released seasons in total and where you have watched season 1, the filter should check S02E01. I have quite a few US shows where content is released but not available with a German streaming service. Would be really useful to filter for that with the progress page. My current workaround to check for new stuff to watch is to have a user list where I put in seasons manually and I filter the list by streaming service. Progress page filter would be so much nicer though as it would not require handling lists.

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This update is now live on the website progress page (watched and collected). Click the play icon, choose your services, and the page will filter based on the next episode to watch for each show.


Very cool. Thanks!

Great. Thx

Can we have the Filter for Dashboard Progress too?

Is there a way to get this filter to save so that I don’t have to manually click each of my streaming services every time, or have a “all favourites” option at least?


Thanks and now we need it also on our History, Ratings and Collection pages.

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Just following up, but there is now an “All Favorites” option for watch now filtering throughout the website.

History, ratings, and collection all have it too. Just make sure to select a specific type (movies, shows, episodes) first then the watch now filter becomes available.


Thank you for posting an update so we’d notice. Just tried out the new filter and it’s awesome! I’m going to use this so much. Thanks!

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