IMDB Trakt 2 way sync

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has a decent IMDb Trakt bidirectional sync script they use to regularly sync watchlist, history, collection etc. I’ve found this on github but haven’t had luck getting it to work. I also know there’s a .Net windows tool out there but anything windows related is pretty much out of the question for me.

IMDB doesn’t have an API or way to accept data that I know of. I’d recommend using TraktRater (probably what you found) and I believe there is a way to run it on MacOS and Linux using Mono, the readme should have info about that.

I am very interested in this too! Hopefully there is someone who has found something. Something I was looking at, but hadn’t tried yet was this FlexGet recipe, but it’s not bidirectional :pensive:

I’m the author of that script! hehe

Yeah, it’s tricky as mentioned. IMDb can provide a public export of your watchlist, but ratings require some messy web scraping to make happen. My repo was designed more to run on a linux server. That TraktRater one looks like it’s more Windows friendly.


Thanks for your work! Would you be able to provide some instructions on setting up your script to run? I’m pretty Linux savvy and would love to be able to execute it on a cron on my machine.

I just added a new section for environment variable documentation to the project readme. Hopefully that helps!

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That’s great! Thank you so much!