Is there known issues with scrobbler currently

Since 5 PM GMT nothing has been syncing to TrakT from my Plex account. I’ve removed the Webhook re added it and restarted Plex server but it’s still not working.

Any ideas? Thanks

Same for me here, nothing syncing for few hours. It’s syncing with other services like betaserie or simkl, but not with trakt.

I just noticed the same thing. For me it stopped working approximately 6-7 hours ago. My last successful scrobble was 2024-03-06 22:17 CET (9:17 PM GMT).

The Plex scrobbler should work correctly now, I’m sorry for the downtime!


I’m still not getting any scrobbles from Plex.

FWIW, mine started working again automatically right after Justin’s message, no restarting or anything needed on my end.