Plex scrobbler suddenly stopped working

I have used the Plex scrobbler (Webhook) with great success earlier, but a week or so ago it all of the sudden stopped tracking my viewing history. I tried to add the scrobbler again, but the issue still persists. Is this a general problem or is there something else I could try to get it working again?


I also noticed this, but in my case I had Plex Server re-installed, so was not sure if it was Trakt scrobbler issue or Plex server. I had 2 days of watched episodes missing.

Try checking if you have Push notifications and Webhooks enabled in Plex server settings. Both must be on to send a webhook push to Trakt. I had push notifications disabled, so after enabling it started working again

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Mine says last sync was Jan 28th, I deleted and re-added the scrobbler then unchecked and re-checked the “push notifications” found in Settings under General. Still nothing. 6 days later, I’m having to do it manually.

Please open a support ticket and I can enable Plex debugging on your account to see what Plex webhooks are being sent to us. You can also check the debug log inside of Plex media server and filter for “trakt” to see if it’s attempting to send Trakt any data, and the status codes.