Plex Scrobbler Down?

Hey there!

It seems that many recent scrobbles are missing. Specifically, the last successful scrobbles I see in my Trakt history are from Oct 4. According to my last event was about 7 hours ago (Oct 5, 2023 14:37 PDT) – I’m not sure what that event actually was because Plex wasn’t actually playing anything at the time, and there was nothing added in my Trakt history near that time (or at all today). I’ve watched a number of shows since the 4th, and there are even shows I watched on the 4th that didn’t get recorded as watched in Trakt.

I’ve removed and re-added the webhook in my Plex server. Other webhooks in my Plex server ARE receiving connections as I play and pause. As a test (no idea if it would or should work), I tried using curl to “replay” a webhook from one of my other webhooks toward my Trakt scrobbler URL (curl -v -A 'PlexMediaServer/' -F payload='...', but the response was a 404. Maybe this is helpful, maybe I didn’t perfectly recreate the webhook call and Trakt rejected it.

Just looking to confirm there’s an issue, or report a possible issue.

Love the service!

Edit, PS: I should add that I have been using the Trakt scrobbling integration without issue for a long time now. “Plex has sent 29,362 events” is proudly reported on Trakt’s page. And I love the somewhat-recent “Plex Users” addition, I really appreciate that.

Just a quick follow-up – As of this morning, the events received counter is up to 29,393 (+31 events), and there are four new scrobbles from last night, but not the episode I finished watching 30 minutes ago. The timestamp of “the most recent event” does correspond with the time I finished watching that episode a half hour ago.

Is it possible Trakt is just backlogged processing these events? If this was a case of backlogged processing, I would expect that other, older events/scrobbles would have processed before last night’s, and that doesn’t appear to be the case (those older, missing scrobbles are still absent).

If there’s anything more I can do to troubleshoot or diagnose, I’m all ears.

The events are processed in realtime, as long as Plex sends us the webhooks. It seems like it’s not matching some stuff. This could happen if Plex is sending different metadata and Trakt isn’t able to match it. Please send in a support ticket and I can enable debugging on your account when I’m back in the office Monday. That can tell us what info Plex is sending and if we’re not finding a match.

Thanks for the reply!

Everything appears to be working normally now, so I guess it was an issue with matching after all.

Please consider this resolved!

Just so you don’t think you are crazy and will post the next time this happens (at least so I know I’m not alone) I also experienced issues with the Plex Scrobbler. I raised a ticket on the 4th of October but a couple of days later everything seemed back to normal. I closed out that ticket without a reply, but so far (as of 21/10/2023) it seems stable.